We are celebrating the Saint Martin’s Day on 11th November. According to folk tradition, snow begins to fall and winter starts that day. Weather is a great topic to start a conversation, therefore next Study Czech Friday lesson is all about the weather.

WHEN? Friday 11/11/2016, 5:30-7:00pm
WHERE? Study Czech classroom, Kotlářská 47, Brno, map, afterwards the restaurant U Bílého beránka
Price: 100 CZK (if you are our student), 150 CZK (if you are not our student).
Level: Beginners-Intermediate
The whole evening will be in Czech.

The registration is closed. Thank you all for coming.

Weather is a favourite topic of conversation, not only for Brits. In our lesson, you are going to learn and practise vocabulary and phrases about weather to be able to start the conversation with anyone you just met.

Saint Martin’s day is also marked by a traditional golden-roasted goose and young, so-called Saint-Martin’s wine. We are going to taste everything in the nearby restaurant after the lesson.

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