Winter sports and activities

sankovatWinter in the Czech Republic can be long and cold. When it is snowing and freezing, you do not have to stay at home but you can enjoy winter sports. And this Czech vocabulary can come in handy.

Summer competition

Discover the Czech Republic and its beauty!
The time of holiday, trips and vacation is approaching, but you don´t know where to go or which places worth visiting? Take part in our summer competition. You will discover new places and win.

What (not) to do at Easter, Czech style

Eat something green on Maundy Thursday (or drink green beer).
One of the traditions says that you are supposed to eat something green on Maundy Thursday. If you aren’t a huge fan of spinach or green beans, Starobrno brewery has an Easter special for you – green beer. They brew it specially for Easter (you shouldn’t be able to buy it any other day than Maundy Thursday) and it’s production is a secret, all we know that the green color is achieved by adding some herbal infusion. Anyway, it’s a good alternative to spinach.

Hantec, Brno’s secret language

If you’ve spent at least a short while in Brno, even if it was just a short visit, you couldn’t have missed the fact that apart from the standard Czech language we happen to use an awesome and sometimes undecipherable slang as well.

For instance I’m sure you haven’t heard a Brno-born utter the word “tramvaj” for a tram. A true Brno soul would always say “šalina“.

5 places you shouldn’t miss in Brno, part 2

Some time ago I wrote an article on what you should visit in Brno, regardless on how long you are staying. Have you visited at least one of the places I recommended? Well, I hope so! And if I remember corectly, I also promised you another “top 5 Brno list”. So, here it is! Together, we’ll take a peaceful walk in the park, visit a few edifying museum exhibitions and do some potentially dangerous sports. If you don’t feel daring, you can only watch, I promise. Are you ready?

5 places you shouldn’t miss in Brno

Brno might not the most beautiful city in the world, but it is my favorite. It’s a very friendly place that has a lot to offer, both to tourists and people who decided to stay a bit longer. Let’s take a look at what you could (and should) do while in Brno!