About Us

Our philosophy

We support our students to:

  1. Study Czech

    We do what we know best and leave the rest to someone else – we specialize in teaching Czech language for foreigners. All lessons and activities are prepared carefully for the Czech language.

  2. Speak Czech

    We use the Czech Language as the primary communication language, from the first lesson, also in beginner courses. It can seem tough but you will make bigger progress and start to speak Czech sooner. And that is what you want, isn’t it? Although speaking is the priority, we put emphasis on development of all language skills together: writing, reading, listening and speaking. We also teach grammar, because you are not able to make your own sentences without grammar. But we immediately put grammar to use in real life situations.

  3. Be motivated

    Why are you studying Czech? Do you want to speak with your Czech friends, with your partner or with her/his family? Do you need Czech for work or studying? Do you use Czech on a daily basis? Do you love Czech writers and want to read them in the original? Or are you just interested in the language? We will support you and make you focus on your goals.

  4. Be individual

    We don’t want you to adapt to our courses, we make the course for you. Your personality, learning styles, your opinions and interests are important to us. That is why we hold a free personal meeting with all the students to find out not only the level of your proficiency in the Czech language but also who you are and what is the best for you. The meeting takes about 45 minutes or about 25 minutes if you are a complete beginner. The meeting can also be carried out over the Internet.

  5. Enjoy

    Our lessons are diverse and interactive. We do various activities, play games and practise Czech in the context of real situations. Study Czech and enjoy Czech lessons!

Who we are?

Study Czech is a language school based in Brno. We are professional and experienced teachers of Czech for foreigners. We all studied Czech language at university and we are constantly working on broadening our qualification, attending various seminars about teaching Czech for foreigners and modern teaching methods. We also have long practical experiences and have taught at least dozens of foreigners of various nationalities. We teach because we love teaching, we are proud of our language and want to show you its beauties.

We cooperate with the Department of Czech language, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University – students of Czech as a foreigner language (a Teacher training course) have observed our lessons.

We have been writing and publishing the magazine AHOJ for Czech-language students since 2016.


Meet us – Jana, Staňka, Jana, Barbora and Martina.


What do our students think about us? See our references.

Our classrooms

Our aim is to make you feel happy and comfortable and encourage you to learn Czech. Throw a glance at some pictures.