Articles for January 2013

False Friends in Czech

Are you learning Czech? Good! Then this article might be just for you. Here are some tricky words in Czech that might look similar to words in other languages but have an absolutely different meaning. This might cause very embarrassing, yet very funny situations from time to time.

Our classrooms

Our classrooms are situated at Kotlářská street 47 near the tram stop Pionýrská and about 700m from the stop Konečného náměstí. Not far away from both the city centre and companies.

Winter vocabulary

How to say sledging, skiing, skating, snowman etc. in Czech? Look at our picture! If you are a visual learner, you will remember words easily.

Beware: Culture Shock in the Czech Republic

In the beginning, I was planning on writing a sarcastic article about the Czech Republic and life here being terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I do love this country, I grew up here and I still consider it my home. But there are things that are not, let’s say, ideal. Unfortunately, the longer you live somewhere, the less you appreciate the good and the more you concentrate on the not so great things. I’ve met many people from all over the world and a lot of them told me their stories about the culture shock they experienced upon moving here. I’ve even experienced reverse culture shock when I returned after a few months’ stay in Germany.

10 Reasons To Learn Czech

Are you asking yourself why you should learn Czech? This strange language full of weird diacritics, funny pronunciation and so many different cases and word endings that make some people say it’s impossible to learn it properly? Why even bother and make the effort to learn something that is unlikely to be used anywhere else than in the Czech Republic? Then you might be surprised.