You can try the role of shop assistant and the customer in the real shop at our next Study Czech Friday event.

Thank you all that came for the beautiful evening!

Do you like shopping? In the Czech Republic? Can you always ask about everything you want to know? And how can you return things?

Come and try it out in a real shop! You can try the role of a shop assistant and the customer directly in a shop of the Veronica Foundation.
There will be an experienced shop assistant and a profi teacher to answer all questions you may have.

KDY? Friday 21st February 2014, 4:30pm-6pm
WHERE? Shop of Veronica Foundation, Jana Babáka 11, Krpole, tram stop Terrerova (tram no. 12), map
CENA: 100 CZK (our students), 150 CZK (others)
Úroveň: Beginners — Intermediate
The whole evening will be in Czech.

This event is organised in cooperation with Foundation Veronica, which supports activites which make Brno and its surroundings a better and nicer place to live. You can buy clothes, jewelry, books, excellent apple juice and more in the shop of Veronica Foundation. You also can bring to the shop your things which you do not need any more and you would like to hand them to other people.

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