Brno surroundings with us on Saturday 14th June and practise your Czech.

Thank you for joining us and beautiful Saturday.

Where and when will we meet?

Saturday 14/06
You have two possibilities, where you can join us:
1. Brno – Královo Pole nádraží. Bus stop nro 41, 9:50 am
2. Lelekovice u Brna, next to Hotel restaurant Babí lom. We will wait there till 10:30 am

We will start our trip in Lelekovice u Brna. The goal is the observation tower Babí lom (562 metres) on the southern peak of the rocky ridge. There is a beautiful view of Moravský kras, Brno and Vysočina from the tower. And even the Alps can be viewed if the weather is good.

The lenght of the trip is about 2-3 hours, it depends how long you will want to stay in the restaurant in Lelekovice in the end of our trip.
Because of rocky terrain, we recommend you to have hiking shoes.

All foreigners who want to practise Czech are welcome. No registration this time. Just come :)

Do you have any questions? Please, feel free to contact us.

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