Spring is here and everybody wants to feel good. Doing exercise makes us happier, therefore our next Study Czech Friday is in the fitness cetre. In collaboration with Blue Gym, we are going to combine our Czech lesson with a yoga practice. Be there to take part!

WHEN? Friday 13/05/2016, 6 PM-7:30 PM
WHERE? Fitness Blue Gym, Kotlářská 51a, Brno
PRICE: our students: 250 CZK, others: 300 CZK (a Czech lesson and a yoga lesson included in the price)
Level: Beginners+ — Upper-Intermediate

In collaboration with Blue Gym, we have prepared a Czech lesson, where you are going to learn body parts and basic instructions which you can hear in the fitness centre. Afterwards we are going to practise all during the yoga lesson with a professional yoga instructor.

Do not forget to take sport clothes, a towel and water with yourself (shoes are not necessary as yoga is practised barefoot).

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