Has your child just started with Czech language? But schools and Czech courses for kids are closed now and you are afraid that he/she will forget everything soon. There you can read some tips to online sources.


  • Čeština 2
    A website for children (different ages) who have just started learning Czech as a second language. During registration, you can choose if a child can already read or not and then you have an access to suitable exercises.
  • UčíTelka
    A programme of Česká televize. It is for Czech kids, but at least the part for first-graders is also nice for children with a little knowledge of Czech.
  • Školákov
    Online exercises for 1st-4rd graders.
  • Vocabulary lists
    Funny materials for practising basic vocabulary. For children who can already read.

Czech TV series for the smallest children

Bob a Bobek
Bílá paní na hlídání
Pat a Mat

You can also join our online Czech lessons for kids.