Eat something green on Maundy Thursday (or drink green beer).
One of the traditions says that you are supposed to eat something green on Maundy Thursday. If you aren’t a huge fan of spinach or green beans, Starobrno brewery has an Easter special for you – green beer. They brew it specially for Easter (you shouldn’t be able to buy it any other day than Maundy Thursday) and it’s production is a secret, all we know that the green color is achieved by adding some herbal infusion. Anyway, it’s a good alternative to spinach.

Don’t borrow anything on a Good Friday and don’t do any household chores, just to be on the safe side…

And don’t do any household chores. Just to be on the safe side. Good Friday is the day when the witches and other evil spirits are most powerful and a borrowed thing could be bewitched and thus bring a curse to your house. Some household chores, such as gardening or doing the laundry are also not recommended. A good excuse to have a day off.
Since magical creatures come to life, Good Friday is also the right day when you should look out for signs that might tell you what the future beholds as well as remember people who are no longer among us.

If you’re a woman, bake a “mazanec” and decorate eggs (“kraslice“).

After Friday, when you’re not allowed to do any household chores, Saturday is the day for preparations for Easter! On this day, the eggs are cooked and decorated and the sweet treats are baked. “Mazanec” is somewhat similar to the Hot Cross Buns that are eaten in the UK, although “mazanec” is not spiced and the usual recipe allows raisins and chopped almonds only. And this is, of course, the women’s job.
Read a recipe and bake your own Mazanec!

If you’re a man, braid a “pomlázka”.

You’ll definitely need it on Monday! On Easter Monday, men and boys go caroling (that is visit their female relatives and friends) and on this occasion gently (!) whip the girls with a “pomlázka“, braided whip made from willow twigs. It is said to bring them health and beauty and therefore girls give boys treats for this “favor”, such as candy, shots of alcohol (you’ve already met “slivovice“, right?) and the colored eggs. However, you’re only allowed to do this before noon. If girls see you with “pomlázka” outside after noon, they are allowed to spray water on you, so beware!

Go to see the Easter markets on Náměstí Svobody in Brno

Easter markets are taking place from April 11 to April 18 on Náměstí Svobody. The entrance is free and there are stands with Easter products (such as “kraslice“, pottery and other decorations), food and refreshments and art workshops for children. There will also be spinach soup and green beer on Thursday and an additional program during the whole markets, for example folk music and singing.

Veselé Velikonoce!