To sit down for a while with a guitar, have a chat with friends and sing – this is what almost every Czech likes. Before the Christmas madness starts, come to a nontraditional Czech lesson and enjoy a traditional Czech evening with guitar.

Thank you – the fabulous musicians and all that came for the beautiful evening!

WHEN? Friday 29/11/2013, begins at 6:00 PM
WHERE? U Dřeváka, Dřevařská 22, 602 00 Brno, map
PRICE: free
Level: Beginners+ — Intermediate
Interested? No registration is needed. Just come and have fun! :)

During the evening you will have an opportunity to practise your Czech with native speakers and with other foreigners who are studying Czech. No problem if you are not our student or do not want to sing :)

This event is organised with Miloslav Votradovec (Kupodivu).

The whole evening will be in Czech.

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