We have prepared for you a useful table with 4 conjugational types of Czech present tense. If you are a visual type, it will definitely help you to remember them.

Czech verbs in present tense

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Czech is much simpler than English with regard to tense, there are not lots of tenses – only one present tense, one past tense and a future tense (which is a bit problematic because the aspect of the verbs – or simply, if the situation is bounded or unbounded – play a role there). However, the Czech present tense seems more complicated than the English simple present, because you must figure out which conjugational type the verb is at first, and then add different endings for each person.

But don’t panic! If you use the forms as much as possible, you will automize them..

Do you want to know more about the present tense and Czech verb forms? We recommend you to read the text How to conjugate Czech verbs in present tense written at the University of Michigan, US.