I have been studying Czech for almost three years with Study Czech.
First I did the short introductory week-long course, then small group lessons with Stanka, and now private lessons with Stanka. I have gone from being a total beginner to having a conversational level (A2) of Czech thanks to Stanka. She is a wonderful teacher – well-prepared, very knowledgeable, kind, and most of all very patient! I have also been taught by Martina, Jana Z and Jana B and they are also great. I highly recommend this school.
Bríd, Univerisity Teacher of Law, from Ireland

Náš syn se na lekce s Janou vždy velmi těší a nevnímá to jako školu či učení, ale jako zábavu. Jana je vždy velmi usměvavá a plná pozitivní energie. Děti ji automaticky mají rády a cítí se s ní hezky. Jsme moc rádi, že jsme Janu poznali a že naše děti mají možnost naučit se lépe česky.
Tatínek Jakub a bilingvální syn Lukáš (6 let), žije v USA

Oliver mluví často o “my czech class” a mluví víc a víc česky.
Maminka Kristy a syn Oliver (4 roky), z USA

Jana je nejlepší jazyková učitelka, kterou jsem v mém životě viděla. Díky Janě zlepšila se rychle moje dovednosti v českém jazyce a to stejný s mými dětmi. Hodnotila bych její učení jako pět hvězd. Příští rok s potěšením já a moje děti rádi pokračuji studovat v vaší škole.
Inas, student from Libya

I would like to strongly recommend learning Czech from STUDY CZECH! I have been studying with Barbora for two years now and have learned so much about the language, culture, and the Czech people. Barbora is an engaging teacher who provides a fine mixture of speaking, writing, reading, and grammar, and really focuses on my own interests and topics to make learning fun and practical. I feel much more confident in speaking when I visit the Czech Republic, and am grateful for all the time and effort spent by Barbora and the STUDY CZECH team making Czech approachable and enjoyable.
David, Music professor from USA

Thank you so much for effort and strategic plan on teaching. I have been learning Czech under Studyczech school on and off 4 years. I started with small group lesson (2-4 people) and then moved on to the current 1-on-1 individual class. I learned from Jana and Stanka before. Currently, another Jana teaches me. Jana tailor-makes the course and teaching material according to the daily conversations exactly I need daily. Studyczech offers me a course program really for my life. For example, I go for swimming training and race in Czech Republic weekly. At the beginning, I didn’t understand anything said by other Czech swimmers. After 2 years of learning in patience, I started to be able to have small casual conversation with other Czech swimmers who don’t speak English. My tail-made program covers daily conversation, conventional textbook and grammatical training.
More impressively, the lesson was able to be transformed from physical lesson to online digital lesson with various innovative and user-friendly online application. The online lesson can be even better than physical lesson since the material is more traceable digitally.
All in all, my life quality is being improved day by day with better Czech language skill.
Chun Kong Mak, Chemist from Hong Kong

I am glad to let you know that I PASSED the Czech language exam for the Permanent residence and I received the Certificate also today. I would like to thank you for teaching me the lessons very well and for being patient with me during the lessons. You are really a good teacher and thanks for your support. /From email to Staňka/
Sharmila, Student, from India

I attended a one-week intensive course at Study Czech. Jana, my teacher, was very kind and patient and always prepared interesting and varied lessons according to my needs. Thus I was able to improve my Czech a lot and gain more fluency when speaking. Besides that I learned many things about Czech literature and culture. I can strongly recommend the course.
Michael Leidner, učitel, z Německa

I would like to express my gratitude for your services over the past 10 months.
I am extremely satisfied with the lessons. I might not have a frame of reference as far as Czech teachers go, but I honestly could not have asked for anyone better than Martina, Stanka and Jana.
The experience has been great and I can say that the money I have spent for the lessons, has been very well spent indeed. Learning Czech has helped me in almost every aspect of my life and has made my life in Czech republic so much better. All thanks to you three!
I cannot wait for October to continue as we have already discussed.
Konstantinos Syllas, inženýr, z Řecka

Ještě jednou bych chtěl Vám děkovat za tento krásný zážitek který byl ten kurz! Jste fantastické učitelky, a myslím že přesně táto “směs” různých povah a způsobů práce byla obzvláštně zdařilá. A nadto máte trpělivost, vytrvalost, přesnost a humor a důvtip, tedy všechno co člověk jako žák si přeje.
Moc rád bych Vám chtěl také dělat komplimenty za dokonalou organizaci. Tak kurz se stal pro mě úplně úspěšným pokusem. Teprve nyní jsem pozoroval kolik jsem se vlastně učil za tyto dva týdny. Nikdy, nikdy bych byl to tušit! (Neupraveno)
Axel Aurin, psycholog, z Německa

Until I found Study Czech I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find a learning environment that would suit me, so I am very happy to have found this Czech language school. The school is flexible, the lessons are fun and creative, and the teachers are both professional and relaxed, which is not always an easy balance to accomplish. Also, they are patient, which is perhaps a gift considering students like myself! I also can’t stress enough the importance of the support the school gives its students. Study Czech is top class, and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.
Craig, učitel angličiny, z Británie

I’m so glad to have found StudyCzech! The summer intensives fit my schedule well, and the compressed learning gave me the boost I needed to really begin using Czech in daily situations. After trying to learn Czech on my own for a year, I found Jana and Petra to be very accommodating to my inconsistent knowledge base, and able to illuminate previously murky areas of grammar and syntax. I especially appreciated their interest in adapting the course to the students’ individual needs and goals, and their focus on useful, communicative Czech, rather than dry theory and grammar tables. I hope to continue my Czech lessons here, and will definitely recommend this language school to anyone who wishes to learn and speak Czech.
Tamarind, editorka, ze Spojených států amerických

I heartily endorse the Study Czech School. This school provided the intensive, personalized instruction that I needed to start my study of the Czech language. My confidence in learning and using Czech has increased considerably in this very short study period. First, the Instructor listened to me carefully to understand my goals and needs. The most important was the need for patience and persistence. The course work is the right level at the right time. It is constantly changing and the homework reinforces the daily lessons. Now into only the second week I can understand oral conversation with store personnel enough to conduct basic shopping and restaurant transactions. I can navigate around the city to find specific stores and locations. Additionally, I received a group bulletin in my email that was written in Czech. I am surprised and pleased that I can follow about 30% of content in most stories. I have a long way to go, and I am happy that my journey started here at Study Czech!
Bill Thomson, učitel, ze Spojených států amerických

I am a completely satisfied customer. Stanka is the best Czech teacher I have worked with; that includes 7 teachers of Czech. She teaches in a communicative method, which is different from all my past czech experiences. Almost all other czech teachers’ lesson plan is something like “today we are doing the locative case” or “today we are doing chapter 10″. Everything Stanka has done was in the spirit of authentic communication in a real-life context. Grammar is not the goal (even though I strive to be hyper-correct); communication is the goal. Her lesson plans are so smooth and well executed. She sets a personalized and communicative goal with the student, and helps the student to realize that goal and use it in the real world. Her lessons are interactive with pictures and matching. (Most other teachers would not spend so much time with this). Then she moves on to practice, production, and then a review of what we have learned. Furthermore, she never translates directly, as other teachers would. She forces the student to get around the word through circumlocution, which allows the student to better remembered what he or she has learned. When Stanka corrects a mistake, she forces the student to repeat the correct answer; also this fixes the word more permanently in the student’s mind. Sometimes she makes us do board work; this caters to different learning styles. And she is always so kind and helpful; I have had such a good experience with her.
Mary Nolan, učitelka angličtiny, ze Spojených států amerických

I am glad to contact Study Czech while I was trying to find language course for me and my friend. From my first mail to our last lesson, Jana was really heplful. Even for Visa, accommodation, ice hockey match :)) Beside her helps Jana has great teaching ability and patient. And Eva is one of the best teacher I have ever met. Lessons with her are always fun and useful. Eva is always well prepared and concentrate on teaching. I had only few lessons with Stanka. She has a different style which make learning easier. I am greatful to all of them. Because I m happy about my level after only 3 months, I wish I could stay longer and get more intensive course. I hope see you again next winter. I have no doubt to recommend Study Czech with its great teachers and friendly atmosphere.
Mehmet ESKIN, průvodce, z Antalye / Turecka

I’m a little older than the average foreigner who would like to learn to speak Czech…67 years old…but I had a lot of fun with the lessons and the Speak Czech Nights. I had tried learning Czech on my own for a year before I found Study Czech. My first experience there was a Speak Czech Night, where I met people from UK, Japan, and the Netherlands. That first night, Stanka‘s teaching skill was very obvious; we were all at totally different levels with Czech language, but she managed to make the lesson on foods and eating out at restaurants interesting, practical and appropriate for each of us. ! Each evening I attended was as well planned and interactive AND fun. During my small group or individual lessons, Jana was always very well prepared to teach a new principle AND to elicit language from me, which is what I needed. She had handouts, homework, listening exercises, but nothing was overwhelming. Both Jana and Stanka were encouraging AND had high expectations. I only wish I had found them MUCH earlier in my time in Brno. I would strongly recommend them to anyone interested in learning to ENJOY speaking Czech!!!
Susie Martin, z Arizony, Spojených států amerických

This is to thank Jana for all the help and encouragement she has given me. Lessons with her are always fun and motivational which helps me keep going. Jana’s style of teaching makes it a pleasure every time; she helps me feel like I am progressing without being pushed ahead too fast. She has never laughed at me or the terrible mistakes I sometimes make. Jana is always friendly, cheerful, encouraging and infinitely patient. I must drive her crazy sometimes but it has never showed! I have always found Jana to be flexible and helpful in scheduling and generous with her time. She always knows how to speak to me in a way I will understand or give me just the right push towards understanding something new (or maybe forgotten!). Studying any language is hard work and I would certainly have given up long ago if Jana hadn’t made it so much easier for me. I would absolutely recommend Jana to any student at any level with complete confidence.
John Wingfield, IBM, z Anglie

Stanka has taught me Czech over a number of years. One of the best aspects of her lessons is that they are always interesting and she makes great efforts to make the lessons relevant and topical. The lessons are fun and the activities varied. She has the great skill of making complicated things simple. Although I must have tried her patience often, she was always understanding. She has a way of making things clear without any difficulty and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone trying to learn Czech.
Charles du Parc, English teacher

I had the good fortune to meet Ms Zmrzlikova a few years ago at International House in Brno, Czech Republic, where she was teaching Czech to a group of foreign students. I was one of those students! Not only was she very skilled in presenting varied and interesting lessons with the modern communicative approach to language teaching, but also she inspired me to enrol in International House in Prague, to qualify to teach English as a second language with this same modern technology.
Her very pleasant manner, her patient approach, her thorough knowledge of how to teach Czech and her disciplined commitment to encourage speaking in Czech among foreign students are qualities of a high standard.
Susan Novak, učitelka angličtiny, z Kanady

I decided to study the difficult Czech language not for pleasure or interest: I am a foreigner in Brno and then, simply, I had to study Czech. The first experience was really negative. So, I changed school and I was lucky to find Jana as a teacher. Attend classes and study at home, never was so pleasant, interesting, stimulating, as with Jana as teacher. Unexpectedly, I was able to understand and speak Czech. Surely she knows properly methods of teaching, classroom management (as many other teachers) but about Jana, an important factor really makes the difference: she loves her job, she believes in it.
Giovanni Piglionica, Smalt Brno, z Itálie

I have been taught Czech by both Stanka and Jana over the last 3 years, and would recommend both without hesitation. They are both demonstrably knowledgeable about the Czech language, in a way that other teachers I have had were not, and so are able to provide reasons and answers to queries and confusions. They are also both very nice people, and know how to teach.
Theo Singleton, učitel angličtiny, z Anglie

I had Czech language lessons with Jana for bit more than 6 months 2×1.5hrs/week. My starting level of Czech was very low, just few words. Jana made the Czech lessons very interesting with a lot of interactive activities. Many of those activities were constructed in the way which allowed me to remember a lot of words and phrases just during the lessons. This was extremely helpful as having very busy life and also being quite lazy, I was not the best in doing homework or studying at home. What was also very important for me was that Jana asked in advance what are my goals, where and how I would want to use Czech language and then, she consistently ran the lessons in the way which best suited my goals (which were to be able to communicate verbally). Enough to say that after 6 months I was able to communicate. Of course still with some errors but, what was most important for me, I reached the level of Czech language from which I could continue successfully by myself. My Czech was good enough that I could start having conversations with Czech people and learn by practicing. Today my Czech is good enough that I can use it even in professional environment. I have no doubt to recommend Jana as a Czech teacher to anyone. She was one of the best language teachers I had pleasure to know.
Rafal Drygala, Infosys, z Polska