Winter sports and activities

sankovatWinter in the Czech Republic can be long and cold. When it is snowing and freezing, you do not have to stay at home but you can enjoy winter sports. And this Czech vocabulary can come in handy.

Czech Christmas words you definitely need to know

Christmas is a special holiday for us all. People getting presents for their dearest ones, spending time with their families, going on big family lunches… which of course requires special vocabulary. So let’s take a look at what words you might need to know for a Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve in the Czech Republic!

Hantec, Brno’s secret language

If you’ve spent at least a short while in Brno, even if it was just a short visit, you couldn’t have missed the fact that apart from the standard Czech language we happen to use an awesome and sometimes undecipherable slang as well.

For instance I’m sure you haven’t heard a Brno-born utter the word “tramvaj” for a tram. A true Brno soul would always say “šalina“.

Crossword puzzle

Dear foreigners, do you want to practise your Czech a little bit? Try to solve our crossword! However, it is not as easy as it looks. The solution of the crossword is a small riddle.

False Friends in Czech

Are you learning Czech? Good! Then this article might be just for you. Here are some tricky words in Czech that might look similar to words in other languages but have an absolutely different meaning. This might cause very embarrassing, yet very funny situations from time to time.