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5 self-studying activities

Can’t attend the language courses now?
And do you think that online courses are nothing for you?
Try to study by yourself and offline.
Read about 5 activities which you can do at home while quarantined during coronavirus.
The text is only in Czech.

Hantec, Brno’s secret language

If you’ve spent at least a short while in Brno, even if it was just a short visit, you couldn’t have missed the fact that apart from the standard Czech language we happen to use an awesome and sometimes undecipherable slang as well.

For instance I’m sure you haven’t heard a Brno-born utter the word “tramvaj” for a tram. A true Brno soul would always say “šalina“.

Win a book of fairy tales

Do you think your Czech is good? Lets have a stroll around a “Czech” market and try to correct signs. The first foreigner who sends us all the signs corrected can pick up a book of fairy tales by Lída Holá at our office.