5 self-studying activities

Can’t attend the language courses now?
And do you think that online courses are nothing for you?
Try to study by yourself and offline.
Read about 5 activities which you can do at home while quarantined during coronavirus.
The text is only in Czech.

Practise your senses in nature and your Czech

Use our material for practising vocabulary about 5 human senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste). Go out – to your garden, to a park or forest – and practise your senses in nature. You can take your children, they will like it and they will learn something new as well.

New address

Free parking, a relax zone and a place where children can play and have lessons. There are many benefits of our new location.

We are moving

We are moving just now. You will find us on the new address from January – U Červeného mlýna 64/1, Brno-Ponava. We are so excited :)